Network and Infrastructure Consulting

We have the support of fully trained specialists to scope the solutions and services that meet our client’s needs. Our expertise is to guide our customers to take control of their current infrastructure, search for improvements, design expansions and implement new technologies to guarantee the business continuity. 

Information Security Consulting

We offer advice to assist companies reduce their exposure to the cyber threats, according to the size and characteristics of their networks. We design strategies and implement good practices in information security, business continuity and risk management. 

Implementation of Solutions

We carry out concept tests implementing the new solutions in our clients’ facilities to show their functionalities. We take care of the network configuration and settlement phases, besides preparing the manuals and generating the documents related to the project. 

Types of Contracts

Full-time contract

  • Dedicated resource exclusively to the project requested.
  • Availability during weekends and nights to perform changes without impacting your production.
  • Time-tracked activities report.
  • Monitoring and remediating of the network environment (On-demand OPS).
  • Documentation provided during the contract duration.

Established-hours contract

  • Discovery and Analysis to understand the actual environment.
  • Report generated with the suggestions for the project with the budget expected.
  •  Implementation of the solutions, according to the pace required for adjustments.
  • Frequent follow-up meetings after-implementation for improvement suggestions.
  • On-demand emergency support availability if needed.   
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